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Safety Equipment

Beaba Cupboard Lock (Assorted colors)

S$11.90   S$10.11

Lucky Baby SG-99A Smart System Deluxe Swin...

S$99.90   S$94.90

Lucky Baby 9cm Plastic Extension Frame For...

S$18.00   S$17.10

Lucky Baby Molee Children Safety Bed Guard

S$39.90   S$37.90

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 03 Smart System™ Sw...

S$59.90   S$56.90

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 18EF Smart Extensio...

S$20.00   S$19.00

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 12EF Smart Extensio...

S$15.00   S$14.25

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 27EF Smart Extensio...

S$30.00   S$28.50

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 21BK Smart System 2...

S$79.90   S$75.90

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 9EFBK 2 Ways Smart ...

S$15.00   S$14.25

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 18EFBK 2 Ways Smart...

S$20.00   S$19.00

Lucky Baby Safety Gate 27EFBK 2 Ways Smart...

S$30.00   S$28.50

Luck Baby Safety Gate With Steel Gate Pane...

S$89.90   S$85.40

Lucky Baby SG-71 6.2cm Extension

S$10.00   S$9.50

Lucky Baby SG-71 12.4cm Extension

S$18.00   S$17.10

Beaba Large Display Digital Thermometer (A...

S$27.90   S$23.71

Beaba My first toothbrush + holder (Assort...

S$16.90   S$14.36

Beaba Minidoo - Manual Baby Nasal Aspirator

S$27.90   S$23.71

Beaba Table Corner Buffers (Pack of 4)

S$14.90   S$12.66

Beaba Foam Door Catch (Pack of 3)

S$23.50   S$19.97

Beaba Hinge Protectors (Pack of 3)

S$16.00   S$13.60

Beaba Multi-Purpose Block (Assorted colors)

S$14.90   S$12.66