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Car Seats

Car seats for every age group of children -- Newborns to 12 year olds. Some advice from us parents at Baby Meadows:


  • The car seat must be belted down correctly in your car. It is worse having a semblance of safety where our precious children are concerned, than not having a car seat at all, because many parents wrongly belt the car seats onto the cars resulting in the seats flying out of the car with the children in them in the case of an impact.

    Come and get a demo on how to use the seat you have chosen, either
    • In our Baby Meadows Showroom, or
    • Make an appointment to self collect your car seat and have us meet you in the multi-storeyed carpark below Baby Meadows so we can demo how the seat should be belted in safely and securely onto your car.
  • Ensure that the car seat is the correct size for your child. It should cocoon the child, and if it is a convertible seat, which spans across a few age groups, please ensure that your child is safely and snugly seated with all the adjustable parts fitted according to his size. Your child's head should be below the topmost height of the car seat, and not emerge above the car seat's edge, or the car seat will be useless in offering protection for his head.
  • The 5-point shoulder safety harnesses should sit nicely above your child's shoulders and be adjustable so the height grows qwith your child. Good car seats should have various positions so that the shoulder belts continue to sit comfortably on your child's shoulders, and not cut across his face or neck at any point in time, which can be fatal in the point of an impact.
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