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Baby Carriers

It's great that you are considering getting a baby carrier so you can enjoy being close to your baby, yet doing this handsfree!

We all know the benefits of babywearing, some of which are listed below :

  1. You get happier babies! Honestly, babywearing reduces baby crying!
  2. Creates an excellent better position for mom/dad and baby to communicate, and to shape and stimulate one another's behavior
  3. Parent better able to read baby's cues, and therefore,
  4. Parents grow in confidence.
  5. Babywearing increases convenience for the parents.
  6. It's a safe place for a young child to be! He never gets lost in a crowd! :)
  7. It's a great bonding tool for dads, grandparents, and other caregivers.
  8. Like Grace, you can breastfeed your little one in the carrier and continue with all that you need to, handsfree, including shopping, having high tea, teaching, except try on dresses :)


Research has shown that

"plenty of loving contact does not "spoil" a baby or make him more demanding, but instead helps him feel more comfortable and happy in his new world."  ~ The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Come on in and TRY OUT all the baby carriers that are in the shop! We always think it's best that you personally try out a carrier, cos each one of us has a different threshold for discomfort, have different heights, torso widths, shoulder spans, and a carrier that we display in the shop and rave about usually already has gone through tons of scrutiny and trials, but it's good for you to come in and learn to fit it well, so we can maximise the comfort and support each carrier potentially can provide.

Just like selecting a life partner, gettting the 'perfect' carrier is often something new parents hope for. However, mommies who have been happily babywearing will probably tell you that there isn't a "perfect carrier". We have our favourites here in Baby Meadows from our own experience and use, so ask us and we will share with you what has worked for us :)

Happy carrier-selecting, and enjoy your babywearing time!

Patapum Baby Carrier

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