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Feeding and Weaning

Beaba Steril'Express: 2 in 1 steam steriliser

S$109.00   S$98.10

Beaba Bib'Bain-marie (for home and car) ev...

S$80.00   S$72.00

Beaba Steril'Twin: Microwave / Cold Steril...

S$55.00   S$49.50

Beaba Ellipse Bento Box

S$48.00   S$43.20

Beaba 2-in-1 Bottle Brush

S$17.00   S$15.30

Beaba Isothermal Pouch - Square

S$21.00   S$18.90

Beaba Babycook Pasta / Rice Cooker for Bab...

S$21.90   S$19.71

Beaba Babycook Bag For All Babycook Models

S$70.00   S$63.00

Beaba Babycook Solo: Steamer Blender

S$289.00   S$260.10

Beaba Babycook Duo: Steamer Blender (out o...

S$339.00   S$305.10

Beaba Set of 3 Stainless Steel Cutlery

S$25.00   S$22.50

Beaba Soft Bowls (Assorted Colors)

S$12.90   S$11.61

Beaba Onctuo Lump-Free Blender in Gipsy

S$39.00   S$35.10

Beaba Folding Feeding Bottle Draining Rack

S$55.00   S$49.50

Beaba Insulated Bottle Cover Thermaflect I...

S$21.50   S$19.35

Beaba Feeding Bottle with Ergonomic Handle...

S$14.50   S$13.05

Beaba Glass Feeding Bottle in Trendy Theme...

S$14.00   S$12.60

Beaba Thermogel (Cool and Warm Pack)

S$12.50   S$11.25

Beaba First Stage Spoon (Assorted colors)

S$13.90   S$12.51

Beaba First Stage Spoon Set of 4 (Assorted...

S$44.00   S$39.60

Beaba Set of 6 ergonomic spoons + 4 forks

S$27.00   S$24.30

Beaba Regulo Training Cup

S$23.50   S$21.15

Beaba Silicone Cover for Glass Feeding Bot...

S$12.00   S$10.80

Beaba Multi - Portions Silicone

S$30.00   S$27.00

Beaba Babycook - Steamer, Cooker, Blender

S$239.00   S$215.10

Beaba Babycook Rice Cooker for Babycook Or...

S$21.90   S$19.71

Beaba Baby Portion Jar 150ml (Assorted col...

S$10.50   S$9.45

Beaba Maxi Portion Jar 300ml (Assorted col...

S$12.50   S$11.25

Beaba Babycook Steam Basket for Babycook S...

S$39.00   S$35.10

Beaba Stacked - Formula & Snack Container

S$14.00   S$12.60

Beaba Feeding Bottle Draining Rack

S$55.00   S$49.50